Making It Personal: Express, Endorse, Or Protest With Plocket Plugs

Whether through pendants or piercings, wearing jewelry has always been a great and popular way for many people to express their style, personality, and opinions. To express one’s individuality is an innate human trait and the wide range of available jewelry designs today help many achieve this need. But finding jewelry that can truly show a person’s uniqueness can be tricky as high quality custom jewelry can get really expensive and choices are still quite limited.

Customized body jewelry are harder to find compared to fashion jewelry. Even though body piercing is getting more popular in recent years, one-of-a-kind body jewelry are almost impossible to find. But thanks to innovative design and technology, a type of affordable and customizable body jewelry is now available for piercing enthusiasts.

Original and innovative body jewelry developed by Bodyvibe, the Plocket offers self-expression through creative customization. A mix between a locket and an ear plug, the Plocket is designed so that the wearer can easily put a photo of their choice in the jewelry. Featuring a transparent, screw-off cap, the “locket plug” is available in ten different gauges and can accommodate ears stretched up to one inch. With this unique body jewelry, people can finally have a truly personalized ear plug with photo images that reflect their style.

In addition to offering the Plocket plugs, Bodyvibe also developed an accompanying smartphone application that Plocket owners can use to easily customize their body jewelry. Using the Plocket App, users can take a photo or upload an existing image in the phone and personalize it with various features offered by the app. Add borders, frames, filters, stickers, text, and other effects to make the photo unique and standout.

After editing the image, users can then print their personalized design using the PDF file produced by the app. The output file will contain the photo in all available gauge sizes and users can easily cut the image appropriate to the Plocket they own. People can also share their Plocket photos in Facebook and Instagram using the app’s social media integration. With the Plocket app and just a few minutes, people can have body jewelry that truly express their personality and creativity.

Just like a traditional locket, Plocket owners can use photos of loved ones to show their care and affection. But this fun and unique jewelry can also be used in many other ways and not limited to showing fondness to family and friends.

Want to show support for a sports team during a game? Wear Plockets and put photos of the team’s emblem in it. Want to endorse a cause or social campaign? Use a symbol that represent the idea together with Plocket. Want to express your distaste to a certain politician or organization’s agenda? Plocket can be used to protest creatively and dramatically by utilizing your ears.

Body jewelry has always had a certain effect to many people and make them pay attention. And now, with the Plocket plug’s added personalization, body jewelry enthusiasts can get another dimension of self-expression by using their creativity and imagination to make their accessory one-of-a-kind. Whether you want to show love and support, campaign and endorse, or protest and criticize, Bodyvibe’s Plocket plugs can be a fun and innovative tool to be unique, be creative, and be true to yourself.